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Budget Travel Tips

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Budget Travel Tips

Budget Travel TipsWe all know that going on holiday can be a costly affair that sometimes turns into a getaway filled with financial worries and stress, and that is no way to spend a holiday. Fortunately there are a lot of tips and tricks that, if followed, can save you and other holidaymakers a lot of money.

In this article we look at five of these tips and tricks that will help you travel on a budget, saving you some much-needed cash and ensuring that you enjoy your holiday without a care in the world.

Make a Call Before Booking Online

Booking your flights and accommodation through websites on the internet is gaining popularity due to how easy and convenient the process is, but it’s also an easy way to miss out on bigger and better deals provided directly by travel agents and hotels. By calling the hotel you would like to stay at and asking to talk to the manager or supervisor – because the person you might be talking to on the phone currently may not have the authority to change prices or cut you a deal – you could get a much better deal than settling for the amounts stated on their website. Talking to someone personally and asking about their deals or whether they could match a price you had seen previously is a great strategy to securing a better deal on both your accommodation and your flights. Don’t settle for the easy internet option when you could be saving some much-needed cash by picking up the phone first.

Eat Where the Locals Do

When on holiday it’s so easy to be drawn to the touristy restaurants that tend to have a very hefty price tag attached to their menu. Touristy restaurants will damage your budget almost instantly, leaving you worrying about your meal budget for the rest of your trip. However, if you choose to veer away from the more popular restaurant choices and eat like a tourist instead (you can ask your hotel to recommend some local restaurants in the neighbourhood) you will be able to save money while eating delicious locally made food that is just as tasty – if not more so.

Look at Alternative Accommodation Options

Accommodation options, regardless of where you choose to go on vacation, can vary from luxury beach resorts to hostels. Depending on your budget and how much money you want to try and save, opting to spend a portion of your trip, if not all of it, staying in a hostel will ease the financial strain you could be putting yourself under if you chose to stay at a five star hotel, for example. Hostels, however, are a great choice regardless of whether you are going on holiday with your friends or family, or going it alone. If a hostel is not your idea of a relaxing place to rest your head, the next best thing would be to rent a room or an apartment in your chosen city as they tend to be cheaper than a hotel, too.

Book Your Vaycay During Off-Season

This tip won’t appeal to everyone, maybe because some might not see the point of visiting a beach resort in Morocco during winter. But it is a fact that you will spend more on your holiday during tourist season than you will during off-peak season. By booking a holiday during off-peak season you are giving yourself the opportunity to visit a place you have always wanted to explore, at a fraction of the cost.

Cutting back on holiday costs is a – sometimes unavoidable – reality, but it doesn’t have to put a damper on your yearly vaycay. By following the above four tips you can spend some valuable time with your friends and family in a beautiful destination you have never been to before, without worrying about money.

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