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Ramp up Your Walking Routine

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Ramp up Your Walking Routine

Have you decided it’s time to ramp up your walking routine? It’s time to get off the couch and get moving. For a walking habit to be fun and sustainable, it needs to have variety. Follow these suggestions from the experts and you’ll be off and walking again in no time.

Some people find activity trackers to be real motivators. Having the ability to track time, steps and distance can provide a real time view on your progress. You can set long and short term goals and follow your activity on an awesome dashboard. Otherwise, grab a friend, canine or otherwise, and select a route. Mapping websites will allow you to recreate your route and see exact distances if you’ve decided not to wear an activity tracker.

Set long term and short term goals. Your goal may be distance, speed, or frequency. Decide on a reward once you’ve met your goal. One great option is to take advantage of the incredible savings offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a lasik procedure. Shedding glasses or contacts and experiencing the gift of sight every day is life changing.

Invest in a pair of quality walking shoes. Your feet will thank you. Enjoy the change of routes and locations for your walks. Consider enjoying walks in your neighborhood, driving to a park or nearby neighborhood. When weather conditions don’t lend to an enjoyable walk, you can always head to a big box store or mall for laps around the perimeter. You’ll be surprised at how many fellow walkers you’ll encounter. Ramp your enjoyment with audio books or a playlist of your favorite tunes during your walk. Take your routine to the next level and enjoy the rewards of increased stamina, energy levels and flexibility.