Grand PlusAquagrand Aqua Mineral Pot 16 L 16 Gravity Based Water Filter (Multicolor)


Price: ₹ 2,999.00 - ₹ 1,459.00
(as of Oct 16,2020 06:39:37 UTC – Details)

Aquagrand is a Fully Kitchen Appliances Aqua Mineral Pot 16 L Gravity Water Purifier 10 L Pure Water Storage , 6 L Raw Water Storage. (Available in white and blue Colour . We send Randomly. No colour choice possible) Non Breakable ABS Body Rate of Purification: 1Ltr./Min Max. This is the latest ,most advance and efficient ever designed. It comes with multi stage catridges which removes impurities such as bacteria,contaminants from water and also it retains all essentials and naturals minerals in the water. The filter provides you clean and clear water , without any unpleasent odour and taste . It Blends Material into one product at high pressure and temperature. Ceramic Filter:- The ceramic filter is made from highly compressed ceramic diatomic substance . It has very tiny porous structures of 0.2 micron ,less than half the size of bacteria(0.5 micron- 1 micron) . This function is to filter all dirt,sand particles and bacteria and ensure that your water is free from any bacteria causing harmful diseases such as typhoid, cholera and dysentry.

Gravity Based
Total Capacity: 16
Grand Plus Water Filter: Gravity based non-electric water purifier Speed Of Water Purification: This water filter can purify water at a speed of 0.25 litre/minute. Elegant Design: Grand Plus has an elegant table-top design with a storage capacity of 16 Litre and suitable for a small family. It has a transparent tank made of unbreakableABS food-grade material. Gravity Based Water Purification(NON-ELECTRIC): Grand Plus work on electricity or non, it is purely based on gravity that’s why the spee